Product review: Warmfit rechargeable heated insoles

Several members of my family got Warmfit rechargeable heated insoles for Christmas and used them during the extreme cold this week so I thought I would write a quick product review based on their report.  At around $60 they were a bit of an investment, although their price is sort of mid-range for reusable heated insoles. The initial consensus seems to be that they do a good job of keeping your feet warm and if they hold up as well over time as they’re supposed to they were worth the price.

Overall, the insoles performed well even in extremely cold temperatures. Here is a quick summary of some of the feedback I got:

  • The insoles were warm but not too warm. The level of heat wasn’t noticeably warm, like wearing socks just out of the dryer or using one of those single-use heat packs, but they kept your feet at a comfortable room temperature even in extreme cold, and it made it so that you didn’t have to go in part way through cores to thaw out your feet.
  • The fact that they don’t get too warm might make this a good product for people with circulation issues whose feet get cold even on relatively warmer days.  Sometimes the single-use ones can be too much on days that are warmer so that you end up having to choose between cold feet and sweaty feet, but these are a nice medium.
  • The overall fit was really good.  The size ranges listed on the packages were accurate, and it was easy to trim off a little to fit smaller sizes within the listed range
  • The comfort level was good. Sometimes when you buy insoles, they’re too thick and cause your shoes to not fit properly.  These were thin enough that the fit wasn’t effected.  They also stayed in place really well while performing a wide variety of activities

The main limitation so far seems to be the battery life.  They only stayed warm for 5-6 hours, and the tendency was for one insole to run out of battery slightly before the other.  If you wanted to use these for a longer work day, you would need to consider buying at least 2 pair and switching in the middle of the day.

Another question that remains is how well they hold up over time.  Wearing them for a few days during the extreme cold worked out well, but it hasn’t been long enough to know how they will hold up with extensive use  or if they will continue to work well from year to year.

If you want to try them out yourself, they sell mainly through Amazon. (here is a link to the item page) Their Amazon reviews seem mostly positive too.  Might be worth trying out if you have a hard time keeping your feet warm.