Recall Notice: Voluntary recall of Southern States feed due to aflatoxin

I came across this recall notice today and figured I would pass it along. On the 6th Cargill announced a voluntary recall of some of it’s Six States brand animal feeds due to aflatoxin levels that exceeded FDA action levels. The affected bathes of feed were sold in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia , and a complete list of the recalled feeds can be seen in the original article. The primary hazard is to animals, who may become sick after eating the feed. No problems have been reported at this point, but they are issuing a voulntary recall for that batch of grain as a precaution.

I did some research on how aflatoxin and human health hazards. Most of the research I was able to find was about the short and long term health hazards of humans eating grain that contained aflatoxin. Eating grain with high quantities of aflatoxin can cause digestive symptoms and possibly liver and kidney damage. Long term exposure to aflatoxin in food may cause cancer. The only thing I could find on airborne exposure was that some people with allergies and asthma can have severe reactions to the mold. It seems like the risk of just handling the grain would be minimal, but some extra caution about breathing in the grain dust wouldn’t hurt, especially if you have allergies and asthma.

Here is the link to the detailed recall notice, which includes the batch numbers and labels of the feeds being recalled. If you have purchased grain from this batch, return it to where it was purchased for an exchange or refund.

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