Welcome To the Agricultural Self-Report System Website

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Welcome to the Agricultural self-report system! Our goal is to create an online community to help make farming safer through shared experiences. This project was inspired by an incident that happened on my family’s farm when I was in high school, where a potentially deadly hazard was avoided based on a warning from a neighbor. This website tries to take the idea of information sharing to a national level.   If a warning from a neighbor can prevent exposure to one hazard, imagine what could happen with a nation of farmers sharing their experiences!

A Summary of Website Features:

About Us: A summary of the project and our mission statement

Blog: This is where you can see news, videos, technology, research, and interviews related to agricultural safety and health. As reports come in, we will also feature case studies to provide in-depth prevention strategies.

Weather/Markets: Local weather forecast and market information

The Agricultural Self-Report System: The self-report survey collects  reports of non-fatal injuries and near misses.  The reports will go into the database and be featured in the blog. The self-report system is part of the Ph.D. thesis research of a University of Iowa graduate student. All reporting is anonymous.

Database: Once we have collected 300 reports, they will be released as a searchable database. By making the dataset available to everyone, we hope that farmers, equipment designers, and safety and health professionals will be able to learn from the experience of others in order to make agricultural work safer.

Contact Us: Making this project work for you is our goal. Tell us what you like or don’t like, and feel free to contact us with any questions.