Signs for barns and stables

Here is a link to a website that sells a variety of signs, some of them  for barns and stables.  Signs can be particularly helpful if your farm has a lot of visitors,  if you often hire new employees, or if you give riding lessons.  Most people who visit the farm aren’t aware of hazards, and even people who are more experienced can use a reminder sometimes.  When posting signs, make sure that they are put where they will be seen before someone encounters the hazard and if they are in an area where they are likely to get dirty make sure to clean them off every so often.

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Image result for electric fence signDanger Keep Out Bull On Premises Sign

Image result for horse helmet sign

Slow moving vehicle signs are particularly important since 41 states require them for farm vehicles.  The law varies from state to state, so make sure to double check what the slow moving vehicle laws are in your area. It’s also important to replace any slow moving vehicle signs that are broken or faded, and consider upgrading to reflective signs if you haven’t already. Drivers are more likely to be able to see the signs if they are bright and reflective, especially at night.

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Slow Moving Vehicle, Fluorescent Steel Sign, 16"x14"