Preventing Riding Injuries

Today I’m sharing a couple of articles about the most common causes of riding injuries and riding injury prevention.  The first article by Equimed (Click here for full article) identifies 5 causes that contribute to riding injuries. These are:

  1. Lack of proper training of rider and/or horse,
  2. Rider’s lack of understanding of horse psyche and behavior,
  3. Lack of proper equipment and attire for horse and rider,
  4. Inattention on part of rider or others around horses,
  5. Lack of preparation for unusual situations.

The article then describes in detail how training for horse and rider, proper equipment, and keeping your attention on the task at hand can help reduce risk of injury.

The second article comes from (Click here for full article). It provides details on the most common types of riding injuries, injury rates, and prevention.  A lot of the injury prevention advice is the same as in the Equimed article, but it also has a section on planning emergency procedures.

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