Event: Kids Summer Farm Safety Programs

Progressive Agriculture (Formerly Farm Safety 4 Just Kids) has updated their event schedule for Summer and Fall 2018.  There are lots of dates and locations to choose from.  The programs can vary a little bit depending on the individual event, but in general they provide age-appropriate agricultural safety and health training and activities for preschool-high school aged kids.  I’ve provided a link to the page with the master schedule below, and you can click on the city names in the list to learn more about individual events.

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Most common farm insurance claims

Here is an article by AgWeb that gives a slightly different perspective on farm injuries.  This article lists the most common types of farm insurance claims.  Many of the top causes of insurance claims, such as on-road collisions and slips trips and falls are also top causes of farm injuries.  Others, like chemical drift and strong winds, are less common causes of injury but very common causes of property damage.  Focusing on injury prevention can also help you prevent insurance claims!

Click here to see the original article from Ag Web.

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