Video Monitoring System for Horse Health

Here is an interesting article I stumbled on while I was doing some  research on artificial intelligence for a school project.  There is a company in Seattle called Magic AI that has developed a system to monitor horse health and behavior using a camera and deep learning software.  For anyone that is unfamiliar with the term, a deep learning program is a type of artificial intelligence where a complex computer learning system is fed data to teach it to identify certain patterns.  For this system, they gave the computer videos of horses behaving normally and video of horses experiencing health problems or stress. The system is trained to recognize when a horse is showing signs of stress through a video camera, and can sent an alert to a cell phone app.  The system can also be configured to monitor things like temperature, food/water consumption, and to act as a security camera. Owners can also use the wireless connection to check on their horses at any time.  At $2500 plus a monthly subscription fee, it’s a pricey system for now, but it might offer a glimpse into the future of health and security monitoring.

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