Summer Safety for Pets and Livestock

Today’s article from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is about keeping pets and livestock safe in summer heat, and how to spot signs of trouble.

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I took road trip vacation through most of the Southwest a few weeks ago and one thing I noticed that was different from farms further north is that a lot of the livestock operations had cooling stations, which were open buildings with built in sprinkler systems that provided shade and water cooling.  I also saw a fair number of pastures that were using irrigation systems to help the grass grow and to keep the animals cool. Temperatures were already over 100 degrees so I’m sure they appreciated it!  I couldn’t tell for sure from a distance, but it looked like they might have been using small-droplet style sprinkler heads to try to minimize water use too.

Another thing I want to mention is to be particularly careful shipping hogs in summer heat. I’ve already heard a couple of stories this summer of hogs dying in transit in hot weather. One girl lost all of her 4H show pigs on the way to the fair a few days ago.  Traveling in hot weather it tough on all animals, but hogs seem to have the most difficulties.

Keep cool out there, and have a great weekend!

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