Gravity Wagon Safety

With harvest starting, I thought I’d post a series of articles about combine and grain handling safety.  This article by Successful Farming gives some of the basics of gravity wagon safety.  Gravity wagons are especially dangerous for kids, because the outside ladders make them easier to access and the sound of the auger can make it more difficult to hear if someone is inside. Kids can be really tempted to play in grain, and it’s important to teach them that it’s not safe and to prevent them from accessing grain storage and handling areas.

The article doesn’t mention on-road hazards, but also make sure that your slow moving vehicle signs are in good shape, especially if you’re hauling wagons after dark.  I got behind someone hauling wagons around 8:00 at night a few days ago and their sign wasn’t reflecting at all.  I was having a hard time seeing them or judging how fast they were going. The newer signs that are super reflective can be seen from much farther away even in very low light, so that it’s easier for other drivers to see you.  It might not seem like it would make a big difference, but it really does if you’re driving after dark.

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