Best Farm Footwear 2018

With the holidays coming up in a few weeks I thought I’d share an article on the top 10 farm and work boots of 2018. The list contains a variety of slip-on and lace-up options with shopping links.

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Wearing steel-toed boots with good treads that keep your feet warm and dry is a little thing that actually can have a big impact on safety.  Feet that are too cold, sore, or wet make you more susceptible to slips, trips, and falls.  Boots that have good treads can also help you keep your feet on the ground. Boots that come up above your ankle can help prevent ankle injuries if you do trip.   Finally, sturdy boots with steel toes and a thick sole help protect your feet from objects and animals.

I think everyone in my family has experienced at least one injury because they didn’t take the time to put on proper footwear before going out to the barn.  Over winter break 2 years ago  I got a nasty bruise on my foot just from cleaning the shop because I was wearing regular tennis shoes.  I was stacking scrap iron and a piece fell off the pile and landed on my foot. If it had been one of the bigger pieces, I probably would have wound up with broken bones! Even though I wasn’t going home often at the time, I tracked down a pair of steel toed boots to wear there because tennis shoes just weren’t going to work.  Another time back in high school, I was very close to getting a nail in my foot because I had been wearing the same boots for several years and the soles weren’t thick enough any more to protect my feet. Luckily I pulled my foot back because I was moving slowly enough that I could feel the nail going through my boot but if I had been in more of a hurry it probably would have wound up in my foot.

So if your boots are getting old and worn, it might be a good time to invest in some new ones, and make sure that everyone is wearing their safety shoes if they’re going to be in the barn!