Video: Interview with PTO entanglement survivor

Here is a video from the Irish Farm Journal that interviews a farmer who lost his left leg and severely injured his right leg in a PTO shaft entanglement. PTO shaft injuries are one of the top causes of ag injuries and fatalities after tractor rollover and on-road collisions.  The main two factors leading to this injury were loose clothing (his overalls broke and he let one of the straps dangling) and working near a PTO shaft while it was running. Just as a warning some of the descriptions of the incident are pretty graphic and they show what his legs look like now.

I’m also sharing a link to  the Pennsylvania Extension’s guide to preventing PTO injuries and to a place that sells easy-access replacement guards that can be pulled back for easier access to grease fittings.  Some states have programs that provide free/reduced-cost guards, so be sure to check with your local extension office to see what is available in your area!

Click here for the PennState guide to PTO Safety

Click here for PTO guards