Work clothes and PPE designed for Women

I came across an article this morning about a company called SeeHerWork that makes heavy duty clothing and personal protective equipment for women, and I’m really excited about it!  I’ve experienced many of the problems cited in the article firsthand. I’ve had to choose between wearing women’s gardening gloves that fit but don’t offer enough protection or wearing men’s gloves that protect my hands but get caught in things or fall off (and create a safety hazard). I’ve tried every sewing trick and belt on the planet to try to alter men’s work pants, coveralls, and reflective jackets to fit. Having clothing that fits properly can make a huge difference in being able to work comfortably and safely. I ordered a pair of the impact gloves and will write another post once I get them and have a chance to try them out. I was really happy that they offered a ton of sizes and included a video measurement guide to help you select the right size.  Price wise, their stuff seems to be comparable to higher-end men’s work wear, so if the quality is as nice as it seems from the website I think it will be a good investment.  They also have plans to start offering pants and coveralls too which I’m really looking forward to.  I know most women I’ve done farm work with have had issues with clothing and equipment fitting, so hopefully this will be a good resource!
Click here for the CNN article about SeeHerWork

Click here for the SeeHerWork online store

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