Tools for creating a safety and health program on your farm

The Canadian group AgSafe has released an updated set of tools for creating a safety and health program on your farm.  The new tool set is divided into strategies for small and large farms.  The documents provided are a short summary of everything that was covered in the first two semesters of agricultural safety and health classes that I took when I had just started my PhD program, so if it seems like a lot of information to take in at once, it is!  This program seems to cover a broader range of topics and has more detailed advice than some of the other DIY farm safety program systems.

I’ve been doing some research on Canadian agricultural safety and health lately since their injury and fatality rates are much lower than the US despite having similar crop and farmer demographics.  What I’ve found out is that in the 1990’s there was a massive movement to better understand and prevent farming injuries that is still continuing today.   AgSafe is one of several outreach programs created after results from the first round of big research studies came in, and the effort  put into it’s development really shows.

Their audit program is only available in Canada, however they have included the document they use to conduct audits with the other materials so that you can get an idea of how your operation would perform in one of their audits.


Click here to see the AgSafe tool set

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