Video: Shake Hands With Danger (1980 Caterpillar safety video)

I saw this on Facebook the other day and thought it was hilarious. It’s a 1980 safety video produced by caterpillar. The safety recommendations they make are correct and relevant for heavy equipment operators and farm mechanics. The 30+ year old special effects and the music make it a fun one to watch. Enjoy the video, and don’t shake hands with danger!

Event: Ergonomics training from the AgriSafe Network

The AgriSafe Network has announced the dates for several online ergonomic training sessions. A lot of physical issues associated with farming like back and knee problems are due to repeated stress rather than one-time injuries. The sessions are titled “Ergonomic Safety for Farm Women”, but the principles involved apply to anyone looking to prevent injuries and illnesses caused by ergonomic issues. The dates of the seminars are April 3rd, May 22nd, and July 16th. Click on the link below to see the course description and to register for a training session:

Helping Farmers Affected by the Nebraska Floods

I got a couple of messages this week asking for info on how to help farmers that have been affected by the recent flooding in Eastern Nebraska. I did a little research and found out that the Nebraska Farm Bureau has created a donation page and disaster exchange. The donation page allows anyone to donate to a disaster relief fund or apply for aid if you have been affected by the floods. The disaster exchange allows people to list extra supplies and feed that they’d be able to donate along with contact information so that farmers in need of specific supplies can browse through and see if anyone is offering what they need. A lot of hay and grain facilities have been ruined so feed seems to be the most urgent need. If you have been affected by the flood or would like to make an offer/donation the Nebraska Farm Bureau’s disaster relief page can be found at the link below:

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Happy National Ag Day!

Today is National Ag Day, promoted by the Agricultural Council of America. The purpose of National Ag Day is to promote an understanding of how food is made, the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives and in the economy, and to promote agricultural careers. This year’s theme is Agriculture: Food for Life. You can check out the National Ag Day website and search for local Ag Day events at the link below.

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National ROPS Rebate Program

With planting and mowing season coming up, I thought I’d remind everyone that the National ROPS Rebate Program can help you purchase a rollover protection structure for your tractor at up to 70% off. Even though the number of tractor rollover deaths have decreased since the 1980’s, over 100 farmers are killed in tractor rollovers each year, and hundreds more are injured. According to the National Agricultural Safety Database, using a rollover protection structure with a seat belt is 99.9% effective in preventing death or serious injury during a rollover.

Image result for why using a seatbelt with rops is important

Nowadays most tractor rollovers happen while doing odd jobs like mowing, pulling stumps, yard and ditch work, etc. This is because older, smaller tractors that don’t have rollover protection tend to be used for these tasks. Farmers over the age of 65 and children tend to be at higher risk of experiencing a rollover. This may be in part because older and younger people tend to do the odd jobs that are more prone to rollover, or possibly because they might not have the same ability to respond to the situation as a younger adult driver.

In any case, using a rollover protection structure and seat belt every time you use a tractor is one of the biggest things you can do to prevent you or someone else from dying as a result of farm work. The National ROPS Rebate Program provides a variety of options to help you get rollover protection for all of your tractors. Conversion kits are available even for antique tractors and there are also versions that can fold down if being able to get in a barn with a low ceiling is what is preventing you from getting the last of your tractors updated. Click on the link below to see what options are available in your state!

Road safety

With planting season around the corner, it’s a good time for farmers and other drivers to review some tips on road safety. One of the best things you can do to prepare for a safe planting season is to check that all of your lights and signals are working, and to replace any slow moving vehicle signs that are getting faded. I know a number of people who study rural driving safety, and they tell me that signs, lights, and signals make a huge difference in preventing collisions. The article below by Farm Bureau Financial Services provides a good summary of things to look for as you’re getting ready for spring.

If you find that you need some new signs, check out these ones from Road Traffic Signs .com:

Slow Moving Vehicle, Fluorescent Steel Sign, 16"x14"

Preventing Animal/Human Disease Transfer

Today I’m sharing a recent release from the Washington extension office about preventing disease transfer from animals to humans and vice versa. The information sheet was designed with dairy farmers in mind, but these tips would work for any type of animal. There have been a couple of studies lately linking livestock farming, especially hog farming, with MRSA (
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, bacteria that has become resistant to common antibiotics) so consider making a disease prevention plan if you don’t already have one. It’s especially important to wash your hands frequently, and to not eat near the animals. Taking time off every time you have a cold might not be possible, but if you have to work while sick wearing an antimicrobial mask can help prevent you from infecting anyone else.

Click on the link below to see the article by the Washington extension:

Click here to see an example of antimicrobial masks:

Veteran Farmer Program seeking a veteran farmer who uses a prosthetic arm to participate in documentary/receive a free prosthetic

I came across this add on Facebook this morning and thought I would pass it along. I originally saw it on the Agrability Facebook page, but they had shared it from the PA Veteran Farming Project page. There doesn’t seem to be a link to an outside webpage, but here is the content of the original Facebook post by PA Veteran Farming Project:

No photo description available.

“Prosthetic manufacturer is seeking a veteran in ag or veteran hobby farmer to receive a high-tech prosthetic arm, in partnership with an ag equipment manufacturer. Selected veteran will be required to participate in filming a documentary over 2 weeks this April. Veteran ideally would reside in or near Philadelphia, Cleveland, Portland (OR), Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Kansas City. Selected candidate must hold qualified insurance for follow-up visits outside of the project timeline.
If interested, PM or email and we will connect you with the project manager. This information is provided as a service only and does not imply endorsement.”

Event: Free Manure Gas Training in Johnson County IA March 4th and 7th

The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Safety and Health is hosting two free manure gas training seminars, one on March 4th and one on March 7th. The seminars will take place at the Johnson County Iowa extension office. A bump tester for hydrogen sulfide monitoring systems will be available in the extension office until March 15th and you can bring in and test your hydrogen sulfide monitors for free. Click on the link below to view the event page on the Iowa extension website.