Veteran Farmer Program seeking a veteran farmer who uses a prosthetic arm to participate in documentary/receive a free prosthetic

I came across this add on Facebook this morning and thought I would pass it along. I originally saw it on the Agrability Facebook page, but they had shared it from the PA Veteran Farming Project page. There doesn’t seem to be a link to an outside webpage, but here is the content of the original Facebook post by PA Veteran Farming Project:

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“Prosthetic manufacturer is seeking a veteran in ag or veteran hobby farmer to receive a high-tech prosthetic arm, in partnership with an ag equipment manufacturer. Selected veteran will be required to participate in filming a documentary over 2 weeks this April. Veteran ideally would reside in or near Philadelphia, Cleveland, Portland (OR), Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Kansas City. Selected candidate must hold qualified insurance for follow-up visits outside of the project timeline.
If interested, PM or email and we will connect you with the project manager. This information is provided as a service only and does not imply endorsement.”