Video: Planting season road and kids safety

Found a video of an interview on the PAFSafetyDays chanel of a news interview that goes over planting safety. This video mostly covers road safety and kids safety. I remember being taught when I was little and taking food and water out to the field to not go near a tractor or piece of equipment until it was off and until the driver saw me and called me over. To this day I haven’t had a close call involving someone not seeing me while equipment is running so in my case at least it was effective training. Not all kids listen that well though, so keeping close supervision until kids are old enough hand have demonstrated themselves to be responsible enough to not break the rules when someone isn’t watching is essential. As for road safety, I’d like to add that making sure your slow moving vehicle signs and lights are in good order is an important step to take before planting starts. I have a lot of classmates who do driving research and time and time again they find that better signage, brighter lights, and more obvious turn signals reduce the chance of getting hit substantially at any time of day.