Common types of on-road collisions and how to prevent them

Here is a great article from the National Ag Safety Database that summarizes the most common scenarios for on-road collisions between farm equipment and passenger vehicles and ways to avoid them. Most of the advice in the article is for the drivers of passenger vehicles, so I’d like to add a few quick tips for farmers:

  • at the beginning of the season, make sure all slow moving vehicle signs and turn signals are in good working order.
  • Consider adding additional lights/signage to make your vehicle more visible. For implements that might stick out near the center line, adding reflective tape or magnetic flashing lights can help drivers see where the edge of the equipment is
  • Be especially cautious driving after dark or near sunrise/sunset
  • Keep field entrances clear of trees and vegetation as much as possible. This helps make it easier for you to see other vehicles and for them to see you when you are pulling out on to the road
  • Try to avoid busy roads and peak travel times as much as possible.

Click on the link below to see the article by NASD

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