Avoiding Tractor Fatigue

Here is an article by Living the Country Life about avoiding fatigue during long days on the tractor. With planting season upon us, and especially given that a lot of us got a late start this year, there is a lot of pressure to spend every minute possible putting seed in the ground. No matter what your job is, taking a 10 minute break every few hours helps prevent mistakes. This is admittedly something I’m guilty of too. I spent 5 hours straight grading exams a week or so ago and then had to spend another 1 1/2 hours later in the week double checking some of my work because after about the 3 hour mark I started making mistakes. Tractor driving fatigue can result in less than optimal performance, and can also have serious consequences when it comes to safety. Recharging yourself mentally doesn’t take long. Either short 5 minute breaks every hour or longer 10-15 minute breaks every 2 or 3 hours is enough help clear your head, and can also help prevent back pain, hearing damage, and other issues associated with sitting in a loud vibrating environment for hours on end. You can also think of a tractor break as an opportunity to take care of other kinds of tasks. Make some phone calls, check the weather or markets, have some water or a snack, walk around and check your equipment (spotting problems early can also save time, save money, and improve safety). Taking a break from driving doesn’t mean that you have to sit and do nothing. In fact, doing something that involves getting up and moving around is better than doing nothing during a break.

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