Don’t Mud it In-Advice on dealing with mud from Successful Farmer

Given that a lot of us are struggling to get corn in I thought I’d share this article from Successful Farmer on why waiting for things to dry out, even with as late as it is, is better than trying to mud in your seed. The article mainly focuses on yields and financial reasons for delaying, but there are safety reasons for waiting too. On the financial side, corn can still reach 100% of its yield if it’s planted in late May, and it’s possible to switch to shorter season seeds and get good yields planting even in early June. Planting when the ground is too wet can harm yields and we’re not at the point yet where time loss would affect yield worse than putting it in the ground when it’s too wet. On the safety side of things, mud can cause stuck equipment and make surfaces slick, which can in turn lead to injury. I know everything is wet and everyone is running late, and that can be incredibly frustrating, but the benefits of waiting until the field is dry enough outweigh the risks in terms of yield and in terms of safety.

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