Swine Farm Hazards

It’s been a while since I posted an article on hogs, so here is a nice summary of some of the hazards found on hog farms published by the North Carolina Swine Veterinary Group. I think most people who work on hog farms are familiar with most of these hazards, but it was an interesting read for me because it gave enough information to see how hazards on hog farms are similar and different from the hazards on beef farms. In particular, hog farmers are at higher risk for contracting a zoonotic infections since there is a bigger overlap between diseases hogs can get and diseases pigs can get. The manure gas hazard and respiratory hazards in general seem to be more of a problem in hog farming too, due to the higher concentration of animals and enclosed buildings. On the other hand, the risk of being injured while handling hogs is lower. Otherwise, many of the risks seem similar: ergonomic issues, noise, heavy machinery, needlestick injuries, and working alone. Here is the link to the original article if you’d like to check it out!


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