An Informal Experiment in Keeping Tanks Thawed

Continuing with the theme of reducing time outside and preventing water tank problems over the winter, here is a video by Our Wyoming Life showing an informal experiment using different equipment and methods to keep tanks thawed. The experiment includes minimizing cost and maximizing thawing so you might find some helpful hints to save money. Having do deal with frozen tanks can be a major hazard in winter. You have to deal with cold exposure, trying to break ice while standing on ice, and trying to fix electrical equipment when your mobility is limited due to the cold and extra clothing. The less tank maintenance you need to do over the winter, the better. I also appreciate all of the safety equipment you can see in the background of the video; ATV helmets in the truck, cargo straps, fenced off electrical equipment, and overall cleanliness and organization. They seem to have a lot of neat videos so I’m going to binge watch a bunch of them and see what else I can pick out that would help with safety and prevention.