About the Agricultural Self-Report System

This project was inspired by an incident that occurred when the principal investigator was working on the family farm in high school. The fork assembly on the baler broke and a warning from someone at the equipment shop prevented exposure to a potentially deadly compressed spring that was hidden inside the assembly.  The agricultural self-report system seeks to take the “warning from a neighbor” concept to the next level by connecting farmers across the country.  Self-reporting injuries and near-misses has been shown to be an effective way to reduce injuries and fatalities in other industries.  The Aviation Self-Report System, implemented in the 1970’s, has contributed to an 80% reduction in aviation fatalities, and the system has led to many improvements in equipment design. The railroad industry, the nuclear power industry, firefighters, and many individual manufacturing plants have benefited from having a self-report system.  The agricultural self-report system is inspired by previous systems but has been restructured to fit the needs of agricultural workers.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: reduce injuries and fatalities in agriculture by providing a place for farmers, equipment designers, and safety and health professionals to share information

About the Principal Investigator:

Nicole Becklinger is a Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering at the University of Iowa specializing in Human Factors Engineering.  This website and the self-report survey are part of Nicole’s thesis research. This research has been inspired by Nicole’s experience growing up on a small family farm and by her previous injury prevention research in the aviation and automotive industries. If you have any questions about this study, please  contact Nicole at (319)594-5564 or nbecklin@engineering.uiowa.edu