Veteran Farmer Program seeking a veteran farmer who uses a prosthetic arm to participate in documentary/receive a free prosthetic

I came across this add on Facebook this morning and thought I would pass it along. I originally saw it on the Agrability Facebook page, but they had shared it from the PA Veteran Farming Project page. There doesn’t seem to be a link to an outside webpage, but here is the content of the original Facebook post by PA Veteran Farming Project:

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“Prosthetic manufacturer is seeking a veteran in ag or veteran hobby farmer to receive a high-tech prosthetic arm, in partnership with an ag equipment manufacturer. Selected veteran will be required to participate in filming a documentary over 2 weeks this April. Veteran ideally would reside in or near Philadelphia, Cleveland, Portland (OR), Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Kansas City. Selected candidate must hold qualified insurance for follow-up visits outside of the project timeline.
If interested, PM or email and we will connect you with the project manager. This information is provided as a service only and does not imply endorsement.”

Event: AgrAbility 2019 training seminars online

AgrAbility has announced their 2019 training seminars.  The seminars will take place January 29th-January 31st. Topics for this year include understanding the risks for older farmers in agriculture, an introduction to the AgrAbility online toolbox,  shoulder injuries in agriculture, program updates, farm tool shop safety, and advice for beginning farmers. You can register online using the link below by January 25th if you want to participate in the seminars as they happened, or you can watch this and previous year’s sessions online.

Click here to register if you want to participate in the seminars

Click here to see program descriptions and to see seminars from previous years

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Video: Introduction to AgrAbility program

AgrAbility is a program run by Purdue University that provides solutions to help disabled farmers and older farmers to keep farming. They’ve come up with tools and training to help with accessibility and to help make tasks easier.  State-level programs are available in 26 states and are staffed by experts who can help individual farmers figure out which solutions work best for them.  Many of the solutions in their toolbox are DIY. They also have a resource page for veterans and beginning farmers. Click here to check out their website