Last Chance to Participate in 2017 Census of Agriculture!

Data collection for the 2017 Census of Agriculture is winding down! The deadline for submitting paper surveys was June 15th, and the online survey will be open until the end of July. The data collected in the census is used to make decisions at the county, state, and federal level so it’s important to complete the survey if you were selected! This data set is an important resource for anyone trying to understand agriculture in the US, and I’ve used the 2012 data in pretty much every ag study I’ve participated in. If you still haven’t filled out your survey click here to open the census of agricuture website.

Event: Kids Summer Farm Safety Programs

Progressive Agriculture (Formerly Farm Safety 4 Just Kids) has updated their event schedule for Summer and Fall 2018.  There are lots of dates and locations to choose from.  The programs can vary a little bit depending on the individual event, but in general they provide age-appropriate agricultural safety and health training and activities for preschool-high school aged kids.  I’ve provided a link to the page with the master schedule below, and you can click on the city names in the list to learn more about individual events.

Click here to see event list

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Ag Safety Awareness Week March 4th-10th and Social Media Event Through Wisconsin State Farmer

Agriculture safety is one of the most important investments

The Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) is a national organization promoting agricultural safety and health.  This week  (March 4th-10th) is their agricultural safety awareness week.  As part of safety awareness week,  Wisconsin State Farmer is having a social media event called “No One Can Take Your Place”.  Each day they will cover a topic in ag safety and health on their social media accounts( click here to see their Facebook page)  The themes for each day are:

  • Monday, March 5 – Hearing;
  • Tuesday, March 6 – Respiratory
  • Wednesday, March 7 – Impaired Driving
  • Thursday, March 8 – Fire
  • Friday, March 9 – General Health

Here is the article announcing their program, which includes a video about lighting safety.  I’ll also try to post some additional information on each of these topics as the week goes on.


Grain Bin Safety Week: Nationwide Grain Safety Site and Upcoming Events

Hi everyone! It’s grain safety week,  so I’m going to be covering a variety of topics related to grain handling and storage over the next few days.  To start I’d like to share Nationwide’s grain safety website (.click here to see website)  This site is a one-stop resource for grain safety. It includes articles, risk management tools, promotional tools, and grain safety activities.  There are also a few grain safety online events that are happening in the next few days.  On Tuesday the 20th there will be a live chat about grain safety on twitter as part of Nationwide’s #AgChat series (Click here for info) and on the 21st at 1:00 central time there will be a webinar on grain bin entry (click here to register and to watch videos of past webinars).  To participate in the webinar, fill out the registration form. It looks like you’ll either be able to call in using the phone number and conference call number on the registration page or click the button that currently says “Meeting has not started” to connect on your computer.

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Nominate Your Fire Department for Grain Bin Safety Equipment (by Nationwide)

In honor of Grain Bin Safety Week (Feb 18-24) Nationwide insurance is hosting it’s 5th  annual “Nominate Your Fire Department” contest.  Local fire departments can be nominated through the contest web page on Nationwide’s website (Click here for contest info and nomination form).

Each winning fire department receives a grain rescue tube and a 6 hour training session worth between $3,000 and $5,000.  Entries for the contest will be accepted between January 1, 2018 and April 30, 2018.  A detailed description of the contest rules and prizes can be found here: Click here to view full contest rules