Grain Safety for Kids

Today I’m sharing some kid’s grain safety materials from the National Agricultural Safety Database. The materials include a background section for adults describing the risks of grain handling, a series of demos that can be used to show the dangers of grain handling, and puzzle activity pages that can be printed out.  (click here to see NASD’s grain safety for kids page).  Tragically up to 20% of farm fatalities are children (source).  While the most common sources of fatal injuries are falls/runnovers from tractors and ATVS and drowning, every year several children are killed due to grain entrapment, and many more have near-misses.  Kids are more likely to become entrapped in grain wagons than grain bins, and children visiting farms are at higher risk than children who live on farms.  If there are children living on or visiting your farm, make sure that they don’t have access to grain handling areas and equipment, and that they know it’s not safe to play in the grain.  The demo with the toy grain wagon listed on the website is really good at showing just how quickly you can become trapped. I found a video of the demo too, but it is definitely more impressive in person!